Friday, February 16, 2007

Money woes

In the very near future you will be hearing a whole lot about the budget woes of the county government. Does anybody have a constructive idea on how to better fund the county?

Hint: Raising taxes would only help so much and wouldn't kick in until 2008.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Water Rates

Were our water rates too high to begin with?

There just doesn't seem to be a smidgen of the anger over the rates going up here as in Logan County. Those people are ready to skin their fiscal court and city councils.

Did we just have ours too high or did our governments do a better job of seeing this coming?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crime and more crims

Is it me, or has there been a string of sick and crazy arrests in Todd County lately?

The world is a sick and crazy place and you just have to hope there won’t be the large amount of sick and crazy in Todd County, but just how many sex offenders and murderers are among us?

There have been several arrests with young men allegedly molesting small girls.

There was an arrest when a man from Virginia was brought home to face a 26-year-old murder he was already tried for once.

There was also an arrest for a drug-related murder in a cornfield in Guthrie.

Our overall crime rate isn’t up, it just seems that people are just committing strange and sick crimes.

Has it always been this way, or is Todd County becoming the home for weird crime?


For those of you who read the megasites stories or those of you who didn't read them and have an opinion anyway, what is your take on the sites and the potential growth that could be coming to Todd County?

Also, if you could have an auto plant in the area which one would you want?


Sick in school

So a ton of snow is coming and we call off for the flu. Perhaps we should have been a little more proactive and called off on Monday or Tuesday as well when students were going home right and left.

Still, should there be a more proactive policy on when to call off school for sickness? The warnings were coming as early as two weeks ago...

Or perhaps you think the school system handled this one right? Any thoughts?