Thursday, May 11, 2006

The winner is?

Who did the best at the Rotary forums?

Who did the worst?

Also, did you think any of the questions were aimed at individuals?

School lunches and money

One has to wonder, especially if Mr. Wells is right, if the school system is heading toward the slippery slope of financial crisis the county is currently in?

In other words, are we heading toward a point when a tax increase is the only way to float our school programs and school lunches because we handled our money poorly?

Only time will tell, but it does make me nervous.

High turnout?

Many wonder if this Tuesday (May Primary) will be one of the biggest turnouts in the history of the county. As of right now the forecast says Tuesday will be sunny and 65 degrees. Who would gain the most from a high turnout? And who would be hurt?

I guess we'll all know by Tuesday night.