Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crime and more crims

Is it me, or has there been a string of sick and crazy arrests in Todd County lately?

The world is a sick and crazy place and you just have to hope there won’t be the large amount of sick and crazy in Todd County, but just how many sex offenders and murderers are among us?

There have been several arrests with young men allegedly molesting small girls.

There was an arrest when a man from Virginia was brought home to face a 26-year-old murder he was already tried for once.

There was also an arrest for a drug-related murder in a cornfield in Guthrie.

Our overall crime rate isn’t up, it just seems that people are just committing strange and sick crimes.

Has it always been this way, or is Todd County becoming the home for weird crime?


Blogger Cookie said...

I just think that we have had crimes here all along and many of them have just come to light lately.

I am glad that these unsolved crimes have a resolution and hopefully many more will be resolved as time goes by.

Sooner or later, the things we all do that are wrong will be found out. That is just how it goes!

5:55 PM, February 03, 2007  

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