Monday, July 03, 2006

Eakles retires

Mr. Eakles is stepping down as the top man in the school system. It is our understanding that some are happy to see him go and some think this might be the ruin of the school system.

What do you think?

He was responsible for considerable growth for the district.

But, he was also seen as abrasive and the "growth" indirectly caused school lunches to be raised in one of the poorest counties in the Commonwealth.

So, is his leaving a good thing or signs of bad times to come?


Blogger punky said...

Thank God that Eakles is gone! Now if his friends & relatives from Bowling Green who got jobs (wonder how?) in the school system would leave, we would be truly happy. Who made the stupid decision to give a teacher charged with raping a student "suspension with pay?" Why do we taxpayers have to give this person a paid vacation when he is accused of child molestation? What message does this send to our students?

7:41 PM, August 29, 2006  

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