Friday, April 21, 2006

Titans come to town (almost)

Perhaps this is a little cynical, but Tennessee Titan fans are invited to go to HOPKINSVILLE and see the Titans Caravan IX this coming Monday. And what star players are going to be there? Courtney Roby and Roydell Williams!!!


It seems that the Titans are so busy locking out Steve McNair and trying to keep Pac-Man Jones out of jail that they can only send good, young players who are so new to their contracts that they can't say no to traveling to Kentucky to meet fans.

Perhaps, they are the only players that are coming back for sure? Still, there is no way I would spend expensive gasoline to drive to Hopkinsville to see mid-level Titans when it past years there where Pro-Bowl talent on the Caravan.

Let's just look at it as an omen of what next season will bring... about 10 or 12 losses....

Oh, well, if you happen to being driving by and see the Caravan I guess you could stop for the autograph of the one famous person who will be in Hopkinsville — T-Rac. The guy in a raccoon suit that loves to drive small motorcycles and throws things at fans. Still, you have to wonder what T-Rac's autograph looks like?


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