Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apathy in Todd County?

There have been several letters to the editor in the Standard about the Adult business that may or may not come to Todd County, but only on the blog have there been anyone that thinks it is just another business...

Is the furor against the adult business as big as it seems, or do most people NOT care either way?

I guess we can find out when the local goverment bodies start having their meetings to set the "community standards?"


Blogger comsense101 said...

I seem to think that if the general public had a choice they would not get involved at all. It is a shame that only the few would speak out at something like this coming here to Todd County. I know that the common population would choose not to have this in their county but they feel they have no voice.
Here is a thought, council persons and magistrates before you pass any type of legislation that wouold govern any type of organization here talk to your people. YOU DO NOT KNOW BEST!!!! They have elected you to represent them at least you can do is talk to them.
You may find that the population may not think that it is important enough to control some things and that they may not feel it would be worth the fight if it were challenged in court.
I just want the government here to do it right, communicate with your public and vote their collective voice, there is nothing wrong in a magistrate having a meeting in his district to discuss issues.
Think about it at least. Your people care but no one asks them for their opinion.

9:46 PM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Rebelfan2 said...

Quit Whining and show up at the meetings! That is why they are at the same place and the same time, so YOU can show up and have a say!!

9:51 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger webbster33 said...

It's not the job of the magistrate or council to seek out public opinion. It's the people's job to voice their opinions to the appropriate official. And, as rebelfan says...all city council and fiscal court meetings are at the same time and same place for a reason.

There is apathy in Todd County, but it is not your elected is the people. We have a major problem in Todd's that the vocal minority are the only ones speaking out. People are not educating themselves about the issues. If they were, they would be appalled at the decisions, or lack there of, that some of our county officials have made. Building a jail while other counties around us are going broke because of them? Allowing almost 60% of the county general fund budget to go towards operating a jail that holds what, 22 prisoners? The other 40% of the budget goes to the Todd County population of 12,000. Something just doesn't quite add up here!

Until people start educating themselves and concerned citizens start getting involved....Todd County will always be behind.

10:48 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger comsense101 said...

First let me start by saying I am one of those that attend meetings and have been involved. Reflecting is what I am doing not whining. I do however feel it is the responsibility of the elected to seek and be aware of the voice of the people. As long as we have those persons elected that keep to themselves and are not easily available to the public. Of course we will more than likely see a change in those persons this election.
I am simply reflecting what is told to me (everywhere)when I talk to people. Most do not know who are their council persons or magistrates. These also have no clue in knowing how to get to know them. Now I ask you where does one learn this? I learned it years ago in School and have been able to be involved since. There is a thought perhaps we can teach these kids in Todd County about government. Ok back on track just kidding. I am simply wanting to express to persons that may be in office or looking o be in office that they have to be available.
The governmental system we have is built on old ways that back in the day you knew who your officials were because they went to church with you, or he lived down the road second house. Now that our society has grown to have many churches, and many house down the road, perhaps that just during the campaign is not the only time you stop by and see billy bob.
I agree that the people have a responsibility to get involved but when the meetings are conducted in such away that the people feel intimidated and or oppressed this is what you get after awhile. make the meetings welcome places to be.
after attending talk to everyone and have them voice their opinions they will feel stronger in their knowledge and then will become involved.

4:11 PM, May 13, 2006  

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