Friday, April 14, 2006

I record EVERYTHING!!!

There has been a rumble around that the Standard misquoted Billy Fowler and Tammy Robertson's conversation in fiscal court last week. While I will admit that there are a few seconds when they are both talking and you can't understand what they are saying... the last part of the conversation (what ran in the paper) which has the most heated exchange is clear as a bell. If you'd like, the tape is at the Standard office and I'd be glad to play the conversation for anyone that wants to listen. Questioning the integrity of the Standard is comical when you compare it to the outbursts we’ve seen in public meetings in the past six months!!!

Also, Kent Knight's office has a recording. I would imagine that it might be a little more clear since I was sitting too close to Tammy and her voice was loudest. Go about 45 minutes or so into the meeting...

Also, and this is just a warning to EVERYONE out there. Be careful what you say and how you say it at the public meetings, because if the outbursts keep happening I will run the conversations verbatim (warts and all) in the paper for all to read. We need to conduct the county's business like adults... at times I've seen better run monkey fights at the zoo!!!!


Blogger ElktonGirl said...

that's why we like reading the paper these days! It is interesting to know what happens at the meetings rather than just that a meeting was held, so thanks for passing along the scoop for those of us that don't get to the meetings!

12:24 AM, April 30, 2006  

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