Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sick in school

So a ton of snow is coming and we call off for the flu. Perhaps we should have been a little more proactive and called off on Monday or Tuesday as well when students were going home right and left.

Still, should there be a more proactive policy on when to call off school for sickness? The warnings were coming as early as two weeks ago...

Or perhaps you think the school system handled this one right? Any thoughts?


Blogger Cookie said...

I'm going to jump on the School Board bandwagon here...these are all judgment calls.

Calling off school isn't something to be taken lightly! I think that looking at the numbers of ill children and staff each day actually helps our Board Administration make the decision. I believe that stats would show having an extra long weekend will give the illnesses time to play out.

We just happened to have snow too!

Now the entire school calendar will be probably be pushed back two days with graduation dates and testing windows may have to be adjusted.

Personally, I think the illness closure was a good call.

6:06 PM, February 03, 2007  

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