Monday, March 10, 2008

Sheriff Sues County Over Pay

Much has been said about the sheriff and his ongoing battle with the fiscal court. What are your thoughts? Any good suggestions? Let's hear what Todd County has to say!

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Blogger Something to say said...

This very public feud that our Sheriff is having with our Fiscal Court and County Judge Executive is embarrassing. I don't like seeing it on the 5 o'clock news or reading it in the newspaper.

I am so disappointed that Sheriff Stokes has not chosen to try his very best to work with the Court and the Judge Executive.

My suggestion is for all of the elected officials in our county government to participate in a retreat where they use learn team building strategies, have a moderated budget and financial workshop and finish with a heavy dose of good public relations training.

It's time for all of our elected officials to be the men of action and integrity that they said they would be at the voters forums and during election time.

All of you need to put away your childish, petty fussing and work for the good of the county. If that means not getting your way or not having everything you want, so be it.

5:30 PM, March 12, 2008  

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