Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jobless rate falls locally

Todd County's jobless rate has fell from 11.8 percent in February to 11.4 percent in March.

It might mean that, at least locally, the amount of layoffs could slow down.

While that may seem like good news, the state workforce development cabinet is quick to point out that all 120 counties had higher unemployment than in March of 2008.

Todd County's unemployment this time last year was only 7.1 percent.

Ironically, the large unemployment numbers right now are nothing compared to when we lost all the factories a few years ago. Because of the lack of industry here right now, the number of unemployed workers are probably coming from Hopkinsville, Clarksville and Russellville.

One point I always try to make about unemployment is that when it runs out you go off the grid if you don't have a job and even though you aren't employed you aren't counted by the state. In a few months the numbers could be a lot lower but just as many people could still be out of a job.

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