Monday, March 23, 2009

Crime fighting

There is a rumor — one we haven't been able to confirm officially, yet — that Todd County has seen a sharp increase in speeding/moving violations and in arrests (especially the drug arrest kind).

The reason we can't confirm that is the total numbers for the month of March aren't in and it will require numbers from the KSP. Those numbers will most likely require an open records request and a trip to Madisonville.

It is likely that there hasn't been a spike in actual crime, but a spike in the amount of resources the state police have put toward Todd County.

Despite budget cuts, the state police said they would answer all of the calls they had here. It now looks like they are way more active (patrolling) than reactive (just answering when called).

How long will this level of law enforcement last? It is hard to say, but it isn't hard to see that Todd County has never had this much coverage before.

Good for public safety, bad for criminals ...

Stay tuned to the Standard in April, maybe May, to see what the results are.


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