Thursday, March 26, 2009

General Assembly could have put the screws to Todd

We had a call from State Rep. Martha Jane King today warning us that the state House wouldn't be considering any more bills. The reason: A rules change that keeps last-minute bills (and pork) from getting through without lawmakers being able to consider them.

That is a good thing for government and for the taxpayers.

The trouble: When you have a shortened session every other year that means the projects with political will and the clout of leadership will get through first and everyone else can take a back seat. There are some items, such as broadband for Todd County and perhaps some extra funding for industrial recruitment that was either taken out or not dealt with and we won't be seeing any of that money unless King (or State Sen. Joey Pendleton) can finagle some money out of the budget or through grants or stimulus money or lord-knows-where-else ...

Any money they get will be sliced from a pie shrunk down to "pot pie" status from what it was just a couple years ago.

So, baring some epic, political kung fu, Todd County (and a lot of smaller places just like us) are going to come up short. Hey, we are used to being the red-headed step cousin in-law of Kentucky anyway, it's just this time we are looking at real opportunities and some help from the state now could put us in front of the line instead of hanging out somewhere in the middle or in the back when it comes to success.

Sometimes I think that if it wasn't so pretty here, I'd move to Aruba.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

KENTUCKY LEGISATURES , How about that every single bill that is written and sponsor gets a up or down vote , no matter what the topic or subject happens to be.No more blocking of bills and legisations because the leaders in the ky-legisature or in committes because they not like or support any certain bill or legisation. [ EVERY BILL AND LEGISATION DESERVES A UP OR DOWN VOTE ].

2:44 AM, April 02, 2009  

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