Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting booze and cigs

As the April 1 deadline for the new, and (let's be honest) state budget-saving tax increase on tobacco and alcohol products draws closer there has been a surge in people buying up their vices in the last hours of it being reasonable cheap here versus the states around us.

As an added bonus, about the time people get used to the new prices with the new taxes they can expect another raise during the next General Assembly in January of 2010 when the state is once again the Mayor of Poorville.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Kentucky Legisature for raising the kentucky state sales taxes on Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages Products.WELL DONE , GREAT JOB.But this just a start and beginging we need to increase the tobacco sales taxes automatic every 02-years by at least .60-cents per pack.

1:08 AM, April 06, 2009  

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