Monday, April 20, 2009

Environmentalist still part-time

Although things are looking up for the finances of the Todd County Health Department, it is still notable that the environmentalist, Malcolm Rust, is still a part-time employee.

Rust is the only employee to have his time reduced even though a workforce reduction plan called for other workforce "reduction" options.

Strange that he is the only employee not working full time and this point is never brought up in health board meetings ....

The health department has been quite the scandal den the last few years, but if you attend health board meetings (except for the one last year where the state came down and fussed at the board about how the money is spent) you'd think things at the health department was hunky-dory.

No mention of firings and a two-state doctor shopping investigation, no mention of the illegal meeting they had with the state in closed session last year, no mention of the state putting pressure on the local office to pass inspection on a Mennonite school which had an injunction against it...

The list goes on and on.

De-Nial seems to be a river in Todd County as well.

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