Monday, September 08, 2008

Tax Rates

Monday is what we call meeting-rama. That is the night when most of the local public bodies meet on the same night in an attempt to keep us from covering all of them.

Of course, we are just kidding about that... ahem, anyway, this round of meetings will deal with the new tax rates.

Here's the kicker: The Todd County Fiscal Court raises it's property tax rate from 9.3 to 9.4 cents per $100 of real property and some people go nuts!

Add in the cities' tax rates and some people will sit in ash-cloth in the streets.

As a business owner and property owner in Elkton and Todd County I feel the pain when taxes go up but I also know that services (what little we can afford here) aren't free.

So, in the coming weeks we will be doing a comparison of the surrounding communities' tax rate to see if the howls of injustice are warranted.

Though I wonder if the cost of living here makes up for the difference between a 15.5 tax rate in Christian County and 22.5 in Hopkinsville? Somehow I doubt it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what, I've about had it with this town! There is a lot of different things we could do so our taxes wouldn't have to go up! If this county went wet do you know how much money this would bring in? Oh but wait, then you would see one of your church members buying him a 6 pack every day! With this county not wet they can go out of town to get the beer! Another thing is, the Mayor doesn't want any new business in Todd County, think about this, if you wanted to bring in a Taco Bell who do you think this would hurt the most? I'll tell you...Hamptons! They let the Mexican place come in but Hamptons just raised their prices! I mean after all I'll bet you didn't know that Boss Hampton killed a man on the square! Shot him on the square, where he died! Ever hear about that? Of coarse not! Just look at the library's old newspapers! The bullet was traced to Hamptons gun! You think anything was done to Boss Hampton, of coarse not! You know the saying "Money talks and bull $&*# walks" If he could get away with murder wonder what else he could get away with! Oh, the guy he shot was Dewayne Law!

12:28 AM, September 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to make the city or county wet, I can't tell which you prefer by your post, then start a petition.

Last I checked, we still live in a democracy where people have a voice. Learn the laws and people can be dangerous.

Quit complaining and learn what you can do to make a difference.

12:55 AM, September 18, 2008  

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