Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Elkton Knights

Two weeks ago a group of locals got together to try and establish a group to promote the area.

Today many that attended that meeting returned.

The first decision was that the group would be focused on Elkton and not the county as a whole.

Afterward the group moved to come up with some project proposals.

Two of ideas mentioned was signing for Elkton along 68/80 and getting county wide broadband internet.

The group elected officers and came up with a name before ending the meeting.

Deana Power and Danny Bruce McGhee were elected Co-chairs.

Lorie Good was elected secretary while Eric Good was elected treasurer.

The group decided to name the group the “Elkton Knights” in memory of Libby Knight, who the group felt was a driving force in the community during his lifetime.

The next group meeting will be at 5 p.m. Monday Sept. 8 at the old court house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do not need a group like this , unless its goal is to promote all areas cities/towns/communities of todd county-kentucky and not just the so call special people of elkton-ky.We need a todd county,kentucky chamber of commerce and todd county,ky visitors and travelers bureau to promote travel and tourism in all of todd county,kentucky and we need are county government to make sure they are fully funded.Until todd county-kentucky goes away from a farming business to a service and retail and industrial businesses county we are never going to see any future improvements in todd county,ky when it comes to bringing travelers and tourists and tourism into todd county,kentucky.We need county wide high speed internet , hotels/motels/resturants to give tourists and travelers a place to stay and lodge and eat and dine inside of todd county,kentucky.No investors are going to want to come to todd county,kentucky until services like this are meet and established in todd county,kentucky.We are going to need todd county,kentucky government to spend tax money to create and develop large industrial parks for factories.We should also be looking at federal state and private grants to create events and tourism sites in todd county,kentucky maybe some like a very large man made recretional area for boating , swimming , camping , horse back riding.That would mean large areas of land would need to be bought and purchase by the county to create and develop areas like this.Question = Is there anyone even trying and talking to companies and investors about coming to todd county,ky to create jobs and tourism events and sites in todd county,kentucky.

1:00 AM, September 03, 2008  
Blogger Steve Everett said...

How about citywide wi-fi for Elkton? I believe Cadiz now has this and their Renaissance on Main is involved in providing access. The cost/benefit ratio should tilt heavily toward the benefit side. Should be relatively inexpensive and with ENORMOUS benefits for many businesses and residents. Potential industry looking at possibly moving to the Elkton area would like view any town with citywide wi-fi as being a progressive area.

Some may be against it but with citywide wi-fi our law enforcement surveillance procedures could also be updated with the use of surveillance cameras place throughout the city. Fuel cost are not likely to be much lower anytime soon and many police departments across the nation are now increasingly implementing the use of cameras. Doesn't take a lot of thought to see how an officer could be much more effective (and cheaper) in looking for illegal activity by simply moving a mouse from one location to another instead of moving a 2000 pound police car a block or two to surveil another location. It's my understanding that there are even grants available to communities to set up these types of systems. (link)

Fantabulous idea and hats off to everyone involved. Maybe a website or blog to keep the community involved and informed on your meetings (minutes) and activities. Get a free website or blog at blogger.com or I'm sure ElktonKnights.com is available. $7 a year at godaddy.com. I have about 30 domains registered there and the coupon code "keith" should get you 20% off.


Phone: 270-604-0604
Email: SteveLyleEverett@gmail.com

1:54 AM, September 03, 2008  
Anonymous Ben Wiles said...

"Anonymous" is dead wrong. This is exactly what Todd County needs.

The "hub city" is the basic economic model for rural America in the 21st Century.

Look around. Hopkinsville, Russellville, Clarksville, Springfield, and even Cadiz are not just cities; they are commercial hubs for their entire counties. If Elkton wants to follow suit, I say more power to them.

Even if you don't live in a hub city, everyone in the county benefits from the economic activity it generates.

What is good for Elkton is good for Todd County. And make no mistake. This is good for Elkton.

3:01 PM, September 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one or anybody will be help from this group who live outside of elkjton-ky , this group will only help elkton-ky and elkton,kentucky only.The idea that what is good for elkton,ky is good for todd county,kentucky as a whole that is nothing but total nonsense.The idea that elkton,ky is in any way a jobs or economic hub is also total and pure nonsense as well.We need a group and organization like a todd county,ky chamber of commerce and a todd county,ky visitors bureau where there jobs and responsibilities is to promote new jobs and travel and tourism and visitors through out all of todd county,kentucky and not just elkton,kentucky.

9:19 AM, September 07, 2008  

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