Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jimmy Groves' letter

We love letters to the editor. But it is a rare day when we get one that asks for Todd County to think about more than just "chicken and lumber."

We will be at Former Circuit Clerk Jimmy Groves' meeting on Aug. 19, but we wonder who else will show up?

We also wonder if this is the baby steps toward a chamber of commerce or some variation?

Either way, we are always for any forum where citizens can come together to discuss the greater good.

Here's Groves' letter:

To Concerned Citizens Interested in Elkton and Todd County:
Elkton has no Chamber of Commerce — no economic development commission - no historical group! There is one Civic Club — Rotary, which mainly supports education...the Mayor, Council and City Administration do what they can to promote Elkton, but their primary duty is governing the town.

Elkton is the location of all county constitutional and statutory offices, as well as federal and state offices. The county's high school and middle school are located in the town, as is the administrative office of the school district. In the near future, a Justice Center will be constructed, and this project will, perhaps, offer the opportunity for more projects.

Those persons who put time, effort and money into developing business operations are to be commended and supported. Individuals who donate and volunteer for the town's interest are much appreciated.

Elkton is not alone in the loss of jobs and revenue, as many communities across the country have experienced the same. Therefore, there is a need to promote and improve our town and area. Good community-minded individuals are needed in our area. More businesses and job opportunities are needed. This is an agricultural area, of which we are proud, but more is needed than chickens and lumber.

"Bike Night" was the idea of one person promoting it. It is now an event which brings people into town and is beneficial to business. It offers enjoyment for many.

The City Clerk is to be applauded for her efforts in promoting activities, but she needs help.

Past efforts of individuals and/or small groups brought about worthwhile projects: Lake Malone began as Rocky Creek Lake, promoted by the Todd County Fish and Game Club; Elk Fork Golf Course and swimming pool is the result of a few men and real effort by a group of women; City/County Park came into being by a small group of Jaycees and donation of land by two men who wanted to help youngsters. In its beginning, Pennyrile Rural Electric Co-op was headquartered in Elkton. The outdoor drama at Jefferson Davis Park was an idea out of Elkton. In 1971, an outstanding celebration for Todd County's 150th anniversary brought lots of activity throughout the county.

The need for an active group to promote Elkton is evident - a group to support growth for jobs, to promote historical recognitions, to bring cultural, art, entertainment and other objectives is envisioned.
In order to 'reestablish' cooperation, promotion, pride and opportunity, you are urged to attend a meeting of like-minded persons of goodwill to form an organization to bring these traits into community life.

Think of a name or acronym for the organization that will 'grab' attention! (Example: P.A.C.E. - Progress Ahead for Community of Elkton; G.E.T.O.N. - Get Elkton Together, Old and New.)

Bring your thoughts and ideas to the Old Todd County Courthouse, Tuesday, August 19, at 5 p.m.

Jimmy Groves


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally dis-agree with the future location of the cjc/crimnal justice center.If there is going to be a cjc it should be built very close by to the existing jail and todd county,ky courthouse.The idea of putting and building a cjc across town make no sense at all.If any property needs to be taken it should be the property across the street from the courthouse , i think there is a old building supply and a existing church there and some other properties.This is the areas that should be the location for a cjc project.

8:41 PM, August 14, 2008  
Blogger Something to say said...

Todd County should be very proud of their booth at the Kentucky State Fair in the "Pride of the Counties" area of the South Wing building.

For their first time out, the Todd booth is neat, organized and interesting. The people who are hosting the booth throughout the 10 day run of the fair are to be commended for their volunteer spirit.

I think Mr. Groves idea of establishing a promotional group for the betterment of Elkton is a great idea, but I do hope that it will go one step further and be a showcase for the entire county.

By making it a county-wide organization, there will be more to promote as almost every community has its wonderful events and traditions.

I wish I could be there on the 19th, but I'll certainly be anxious to read what comes from the meeting in the next issue of the Todd County Standard!

1:06 PM, August 17, 2008  
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