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Does Todd County Take Tourism Seriously?

The news is out. Most of the counties in the state have enjoyed an increase in tourism. Now this may have as much to do with gasoline being the price of an arm and a leg, but nevertheless, people are not traveling as far when they go-a-visiting ...

Here is some info from the story that was released:

Tourism in Todd County increased 5.6% percent in 2007 and added almost $3 million to the county’s economy. These new statistics were released by the Kentucky Department of Travel and based on an annual report compiled by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) in Washington D.C.

Todd County’s numbers are a part of an overall 6.5% percent statewide increase in tourism in 2007, which added $10.7 billion to the state’s economy.

“We know that travel and tourism are an essential part of Kentucky’s economy,” said Mike Cooper, commissioner for the department. “Money spent on tourism throughout the Commonwealth circulates several times into the economy benefiting Kentucky communities through direct travel and in the service and retail sectors.”

“Attracting tourists to our community is an on-going process and local leaders have worked diligently to increase the number of visitors to the area,” said State Senator Joey Pendleton. “This report is good news for the area and an indication that our efforts are paying off and, thanks to continued strong local leadership, we are looking forward to even more growth in the future.”

The report shows that more than 176,600 people are employed statewide in the industry earning more than $3.4 billion in payroll. In Todd County, approximately 38 people are employed in the tourism industry and account for more than $1 million in payroll. Nearly $7.25 billion was spent directly by domestic travelers in Kentucky in 2007. Combined with indirect spending, the complete value of the tourism industry in the state totals $10.72 billion. These amounts generate just over $1 billion in local, state and federal taxes.

One magistrate, who was raked over the coals for saying it, said, "There ain't nothing to see here" a couple years ago.

Most people know that's not true, but what worries me is that while other counties nearby have significant tourism with even less bonafide tourism spots Todd County is content in not worrying about developing tourism.

Now, we do have a tourism committee and they have already accomplished some good work and more good stuff is on the horizon. Our task as Todd Countians will be to support the tourism development efforts.

We need to develop what we have, add more tourism draws and get a bigger piece of that $10.72 billion pie.

The sad part is that we haven't even begun to look at agri-tourism or what it will take to get a few hotels or B&Bs in the county. We might not think it cool but a B&B in North Todd overlooking a farm, stream or lake will bring in more people than you think.

We also had suggestions for a Corvette racetrack resort. A drive-in theather. A theme park. Or even adventure tourism in the Clifty cliffs.

The possiblities are endless, but we will have to recruit tourism almost as much as we have to court industry and that requires time, money and leadership. While I think the leadership is behind it, I wonder if there are people out there that are willing to give the money or the time?

That is where the recruitment comes in ... I often laugh about counties in Tennessee trying to keep out a Bible-themed park that might bring millions of dollars to the community. The park, while perhaps not my cup of tea, should be the kind of tourism draw we should seek out. Don't believe a theme park in a rural area can work? Take Holiday World in Santa Claus, Ind., for example. People will drive up to five hours to attend the park.

Basically, a good draw is a good draw... especially when it is a good fit for the area.

The trick will be finding the passion to find that good fit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person that said there nothing to do and see here in todd county,kentucky said it just right.Why would any tourist and visitor want to come to todd county,ky to spend there time and vacation dollars.There is going to need to be a big time investment to make todd county,ky good attaction for tourists , that means spending are tax dollars and maybe even raising taxes to promote travel and tourism to todd county,ky.We need hotels/motels/resturants to give a tourist a place to stay and lodge and eat and dine here inside of todd county,kentucky.We are going to also have to go away from a tobacco and farming county to more of a retail and service , travel and tourism county to get companies and investors to come to todd county,ky to create travel and tourism sites and locations here in todd county,kentucky.

6:27 PM, July 16, 2008  
Blogger getAttr said...

I think there's a lot to do in todd county, kentucky. There are roads in todd county, kentucky, there are todd county, kentucky people, todd county, kentucky dogs, todd county, kentucky chickens and birds, the occasional todd county, kentucky bald eagle. People play basketball in todd county, kentucky, swim in todd county, kentucky, go to Pilot Rock in todd county, kentucky (or is that in christian county, kentucky? I know it's close to the line.) No matter what in todd county, kentucky, when you're in todd county, kentucky you know you're in todd county, kentucky because people from todd county, kentucky are proud to be from todd county, kentucky and even the newspaper in todd county, kentucky, the todd county, kentucky standard, talks about people from todd county, kentucky. Tired of hearing about todd county, kentucky? Me too - so PLEASE STOP WRITING LIKE A ROBOT.

12:24 AM, July 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first step i think should be for the todd county,ky travel and tourism commission to create and design a top rated first class internet web site to promote travel and tourism here in todd county,kentucky.We also need the creation of a todd county,ky chamber of commerce and todd county,ky visitors bureau to help promote travel and tourism here inside of todd county,kentucky.

4:54 AM, July 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe a idea of a additional $0.10- cents gas tax where all that money could be use to help here inside of todd county,kentucky.Like to help fund and promote travel and tourism / build a new vocational-techinical school for todd county,ky / build and construct travel and tourist-tourism sites that would attract travelers and tourist and tourism into todd county,kentucky.

4:53 AM, July 24, 2008  

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