Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wait we've got more

At the Todd County Standard we strive to give you the very best paper every week. That is our committment to you, the reader. Unfortunately some weeks we have HUGH stories (i.e., a certain lawenforcment officer; and restaurant inspection) that are what Ryan and I refer to as "Crazy long." And while that is good, we want to give you the entire story (as it was told to us or how it came out in the public meeting) and the things you want to see pageant queens photos, etc., that we, unfortunately don't get into the Standard. And since it is happy feel-good we'd really like to share it with you and dispurse the idea that some people have that we only print the bad news. While they man not make it in the paper, throught the miricle of Google (Thanks, Al Gore)(Read sarcasam into that comment please.)

So, this week I am going to post on the blog some items that haven't gotten in the paper.

We are going to begin with the Confederacy pageants. The pageant isn't like most pageants. There is no bathing suit -- but to be honest if a momma were to wear a bathing suit during the Civil War area she'd have more than likely been stoned -- instead this pageant focuses on the girls' understanding of the time period through behavior and dress. All the contestants did very well, but the winners are:

Wee Miss Confederacy (ages 2 to 5), Allison Rose Houchens, 3, of Hopkinsville. She is the daughter of William and Gayla Houchens.
Little Miss Confederacy (ages 6-10): Abigail Ruth Houchens, 6, of Hopkinsville. She is the daughter of William and Gayla Houchens.
Junior Miss Confederacy (ages 11-15): Heather Lynn Saddler, 14, of Hopkinsville. She is the daughter of James and Becky Saddler.
Miss Confederacy (ages 16-24; never married): Heather Bethshean Black, 16, of Clarksville. She is the daughter of Doug and Davalyn Black.
Ms. Confederacy (24 and up; are or have been married): Krista Shaw North, 19, of Hopkinsville. She is the daughter of James and Becky Saddler and the late Michael Shaw; wife of Casey North and mother of Colton.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please check your spelling. Don't just rely on spell check. There were so many errors it was distracting. It also made what you wrote seem very unprofessional.

9:37 AM, July 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The todd county standard newspaper and all near-by newspapers in russellville,ky and hopkinsville,ky should be doing a better job on news stories and articles coverage when it comes to running and posting articles on the elections of 2008 and where the candicates are and stand on ideas and issues.We should be seeing alot more stories and articles on all of the 2008 election candicates.

3:02 AM, July 07, 2008  

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