Friday, March 26, 2010

Broadband survey

Here's a very important thing for those of you who still only have dial-up access or who are not very happy with the broadband service you have.

The state Office of Technology is doing a broadband survey. The reason it has been next to a government secret escapes me, but I have my thoughts on the matter.

Todd County is in the bottom 10 percent in Kentucky with broadband access, so if you know someone that can only get dial-up or can't get any service at all, please have them fill this survey out.

Be sure to fill the survey out as well. The deadline is April 9.

If the link doesn't work copy and paste into your browser.

Also, make sure to do the speed test on your computer and keep the numbers to compare to what your broadband provider is advertising (if you have broadband).

Let's make sure the state government has at least some idea how poor the service is in a county that has a high school full of laptop computers!

Here is the link:


Anonymous Ben Wiles said...

Typical of state government. So you want to find out why people don't have Internet access? Post an on-line survey!


12:58 PM, March 31, 2010  

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