Monday, January 30, 2006

Growth down South

I hate it when there is a new concern that Todd County folk might not have even considered. It shows that there is a serious lack of concern for what happens outside of the cities in this county. It seems there might be a huge couple of subdivisions coming up south of Trenton that are basically spillover of Clarksville. From what I’ve heard there could be as much as 500 new homes in the next five years. That could make a subdivision the largest city in Todd County. Schools would be overrun and pretty much the county would have to face some serious zoning and sewer issues.

Has anyone heard just how true this could be? If this is true I think that the problems the fiscal court has now will seem like patty-cake compared to what could go down in the future…


Blogger Hackenthorpe said...

I don't know how real the subdivision talk is, but I do know that Todd County needs some effective land use planning before we become overrun by undesirable development. If someone wanted to build a trailer park in the county with gravel streets and no sewers, right now there would be nothing to stop it. Imagine the 500 lot subdivision in those terms, then call your magistrate and demand that they do something.

3:57 PM, February 16, 2006  

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