Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gravesite thefts

Several people have contacted the Standard through email and even through this blog there has been a comment about how the thefts of flowers and items left at graves is nothing new. How big of a problem is this? And is this only a big deal at a couple cemeteries or is this a common thing at all of them? Should the Standard do a follow-up and put pressure on local authorities? Since most graveyards aren't part of the nearby church is there anyway to enforce better surveillance?


Blogger Sherrie said...

We live in Guthrie and when we place flowers and items on graves here they aren't usually there when we go back. Our cemetery is on a hill, though, and it DOES get pretty windy there at times and then they have to mow and if the flowers get blown down they may cut them up or not know where they belong and just throw them away.

3:55 PM, January 31, 2006  
Blogger ElktonGirl said...

We have had a lot of flowers blown off the graves of our loved ones recently with all the storms we have had in the area. One thing that needs to be noted is what each cemetery allows to be placed on the grave sites. Some allow only flowers that are attached to the stones and they toss things that are on the ground. That is probably not the case with the letter written by the Blake family member, but it is something to consider when placing items on the sites.

I have seen headstone arrangements for sale at flea markets that had obviously been in the weather for a while. When placing things on the headstones now we write the name of the person whose grave it belongs on so if it blows off it can be put back, and hopefully someone would be embarrased to take it with a name on the bottom in black sharpie! people are brave these days though, so you never know....

when we put something like a figurine on the stone we use clear caulk to secure it and it scrapes off with a razor blade if you want to take it off. At least if someone wants to take things they would have to work for it a bit.

12:38 AM, April 30, 2006  

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