Thursday, June 11, 2009

King on economy, labor committee

Frankfort – State Rep. Martha Jane King has been named to a multi-state legislative committee that focuses on economic and labor issues, House Speaker Greg Stumbo announced today.

Rep. King, D-Lewisburg, will serve this year and next on the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Labor and Economic Development Committee, which is playing a crucial role as the states look for ways to improve their economy while lowering unemployment rates.

“This committee will benefit from Martha Jane’s deep knowledge of these issues,” Speaker Stumbo said. “This role will also give her a chance to learn more about what has worked in other states and how these successes can help Kentucky move ahead.”

“I really appreciate getting this opportunity and look forward to the challenge,” said Rep. King. “As Kentucky and states around the nation find ways to survive and ultimately overcome these difficult economic times, sharing information becomes more important than ever.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is a bipartisan organization that serves legislators in all 50 states; its annual meeting is scheduled for Louisville next year, an event that will bring thousands of state legislators, staff and their families to the Commonwealth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC COMMENT : Why not start useing this site for placing opinion polls and questions. 1. Do you support healthcare reform 2009 ? 2. What are the most important issues to you in healthcare reform 2009 ? 3. What are your ideas and views on the republican and democratic parties on there ideas and statements on the proposal of healthcare reform 2009 ?

12:22 PM, August 16, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point. I feel there are many public issues both inside Todd County and beyond that we could address in a publis forum such as this. The people of Todd County should know there ideas are heard alongside everyone else's....

12:42 PM, August 31, 2009  

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