Friday, April 04, 2008

Farewell "Mr. Wildcat"

UK fans were shocked this week by the news that "Mr. Wildcat," Bill Keightley, died Monday from internal bleeding caused by a previously undiagnosed tumor. He was 81.

Keightley has been associated with the Cats since 1962. He has worked under five head coaches, including the great Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Eddie Sutton, Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith during his 46 years with the team. Keightley was honored in 1997 with a retired jersey, which hangs in Rupp arena. He and Cawood Ledford are the only non-players or coaches to have a jersey retired at Kentucky.

According to, approximately 3,000 people — decked out in the traditional UK blue — paid final respects to Keightey on Thursday at Rupp Arena where his casket was placed at center court.

A fitting tribute.

Keightley will be missed come next season and every season after.

Farewell "Mr. Wildcat."


Blogger Something to say said...

The Cats bench will never look the same to me without Bill sitting there.

You made a little error in your blog though, he worked with six coaches.

7:11 PM, April 05, 2008  

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